Choosing Slavery

Paula Carnes

Did you ever get advice you didn’t want to hear? A wise lady once told me, “Paula, you don’t have to be famous; you just have to be faithful.” It has taken me forty years to come to terms with this reality – following Jesus may mean being a nobody.

The apostle Paul got this. Even though he was a brilliant, highly educated Jewish leader, he realized that his highest calling was to be a bond slave of Jesus Christ. (Romans 1:1) A bond slave was a slave who had earned his freedom, yet chose to remain a slave the rest of his life because he loved his master. Once a slave made this choice his master pierced his ear with an awl. The post in his ear was a sign to all that he was a slave for the remainder of his life, because he loved and respected his…

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Writing a non- fiction study How do we feed the world's starving. Published The end of Humanity and have four books to publish.
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