Self Publishing Can be a hassle for a writer

A.G. Tells it the way it is


Since more and more are self publishing which means you find the editor, Cover designer, proofreader and then you have to format the book for different sites. Each one can be a hassle if you don’t do it right. I have Amazon down pat having so many books on it already published there so it published within a few minutes. Then I set about formatting it for Createspace. Having done that it took about two hours to make sure it was right for them. I had no problem once I uploaded it. Where my problem came was trying to use the same cover for my paperback that I did for my ebook. They kept rejecting it because the letter was too close to the edges. I went to Pixer express and tried to change it, I already paid to have it designed so I was determined to use it. After…

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About howdowefeedtheworldsstarving

Writing a non- fiction study How do we feed the world's starving. Published The end of Humanity and have four books to publish.
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