In conclusion

In conclusion I would like to share my summary, the blog will continue to spotlight the challenges of feeding the world’s starving, but now I wish to share some of my poignant observations discovered during the writing of this book and researching its complex subject.

I could restate the enormity of this subject with mathematics, and charts, but let’s huddle up to the principles involved. The end-resulting facts need no clarification by numbers and trend charting. It is very clear, some care, some do not. The shocking evidence is in the pudding, and few like the taste of intolerance. The bitter truth is many of our problems are obscured deep within our self.

The villain: My ignorance consistently sneaks up on my blind side, only to tweak my nose when I find it. Intolerance has eternally plagued humanity with its trickery and deceit. It is common, so very common that is accepted without consternation, as aging or gravity, but it is not. It is the confidant of hate. My intolerance really irritated me once I recognized it.

The challenge: Feeding billions of starving people through dangerous treks of evil-dominated zones is bigger than I imagined. That makes me sound obtuse, but once the personal interviews and affirmations of faith came in, I was obtuse until I put it all together. A ringing fact is “A few fed many” I see as another obtuse instance I assumed, now I understand until I face the danger, and feel the pain, I do not truly know.

The people who are the few: although the book is no one hour read, the heroes feeding are surely outnumbered by the apathetic, to the point where I opened a Facebook site “Apathy, it makes people say the darnedest things”.

Once again, I discovered my ignorance and the root evil that hides in apathy’s skirts, hate. The hate is as infectious as the “Black Plague” and is prevalent where ever people are offended by other’s priorities and beliefs. The quest to understand the sin of Apathy is a witch-hunt, people believe as they wish. Intolerance is the bully using duress to change minds, and its complicity fostering hate is shameful.

I am an author, not an ordained minister, nor an evangelizing missionary. Fortunately, I can see my own errors, and through that can grow to avoid them. Hate grabbed me by the brain in search of my soul for the off button. It plagued me with frustration-born anger and caused me to vent, and like a cough during flu season, spread to others in my circle of life. Between the injustices abroad and the political upheaval at home, I felt frustration, but the bully pulpit I considered mounting was repulsive and instinctually I saw the error of my ways. Thank God for that blessing, my spirit is intact.

Enough of my self-chastising banters; the story is about humanity and not me, the real facts are clear.

We have an amazing group that has a mission, and it is their lives work ending the suffering. Huge food producers and their army of distributors work around the world and here in the United States. We have evangelizing missionaries spreading the message they see as vital, and lifesaving. They are an example of why someone faces discomfort, danger, and even death to feed the starving. One of the many rewards I received that my research put me in touch with many of these missionaries, and even the evangelist at home. I learned making bibles feeds starving people, go figure. Hindsight knocks the bliss out of ignorance for me, the entire effort is concerted, and its components large and small vital to function.

We have national and international government organizations working towards the goal of feeding starving masses in critical danger zones, the most dangerous. These groups have a large list of nurturers who lost their lives for offering a hand. We have people joining the effort secularly as well and they care too. I will embrace the good, such that it is. This army has the donors, large and small, fueling the troops. Just when I thought I found somebody to look down my nose at I find a giant group of the world’s top 1% wealthiest fueling efforts because they care. Now I have completed the study, and

Objectivity is a writer’s true power tool and cannot be left at home while we toil, but be used. In the end, I am glad I bite my tongue, and curb my quill. The biggest lesson I learned I have learned before, but time erodes the clarity of my knowledge, sharing is a privilege, and believe me when I say that it was a privilege to share this with you. May the world become intolerant only of intolerance, and continue to care.IMG_20130806_141750

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Writing a non- fiction study How do we feed the world's starving. Published The end of Humanity and have four books to publish.
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    You are a good man Coleman Weeks..

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