The school in Maasai


Just seven short year ago, cows and goats grazed where O’Brien School for the Maasai now stands. Gabriel, a Maasai leader, had been coming to a Franciscan convent asking for help with a school for his poor, Maasai village. “Pray Gabriel, someone will show up” the sisters said. Little did we know that we would be the answer to Gabriel’s prayer. My daughter , Heather, and I were doing volunteer work at the convent.

A few days later were sitting in a dung hut listening to the need for a school for this village, I turned to my daughter and said, “I think this is the reason God sent us to Africa. Our lives are about to change. We are going to build this village a school”. On the back of an envelope, we designed our first three classrooms.

Today, O’Brien School for the Maasai has 10 beautiful classrooms, a 4,000 book library, vocational center for the women to learn to sew and do beading, out-door dining hall with a stage, 2 acre irrigated vegetable garden, hundreds of newly planted trees that have medicinal purposes, electricity, a 300′ bore hole and the support and gratitude of the Maasai elders and village. We have 340 English-speaking Maasai students.

We are the second highest ranked school in our district and in the last National Exams, we had 3 of the top ten students. Maasai children are eager to learn and we are there to help them find “their greatness.” Living is a dung hut should not determine who you are meant to be in this world.

We are an English Medium Primary School with very high standards. Our philosophy is that of helping our students grow in virtue not just academics. It is through this that leads to the development of competent, responsible , considerate and committed students who will go on to the “future leaders of their country”. Our goal is to foster their future in becoming leaders of their country based on bible principles.

“Nothing is impossible with God”. How was so much accomplished in such a short time? It is because 100% of all donations go directly to support this project and we feel the hand of God over us. This is a village of Christian Maasai that still live in the time of Christ.

The women walk to the well for water, women are not educated, they are a tribe of herders of cows and goats and live in dung huts with no furniture and only the clothes they wear. And now, they are open to creating a better future for their children through education.

It is impossible to be part of this village and not recognize the needs of the more than 120 widows with no means of support and also the women who have never had an opportunity to make money but to chop down trees and sell them for firewood. We are trying to offer them alternatives. Did Jesus not command us to take care of the widows?

We have ongoing projects where over 100 women come to work on beading projects, using their natural talents to create items appreciated by the western market. Also projects for growing aloe vera and cell phone charging will be part of their next projects. The women already have mastered the 10 sewing machines and are making not only school uniforms but

also creative clothing from their local ‘Kanga’ cloths.

Yes , while this is all serving God’s poor and starving , it is also feeds the staving souls of Americans who do not recognize what it is that they need to feel happy and content. Being in the service of others is what creates true happiness. Nothing we can buy satisfies our soul like sharing what you have to change someone else’s’ future. “It is in giving that we receive”.

We are faith-based in our purpose and committed to creating a generation of Maasai children who see their purpose as one of giving back and being grateful. Tanzania and all of Africa needs the next generation to be well-formed in character and come from a high standard of education and principles in order to change the course and eliminate the corruption that seems to overshadow the progress of their countries.

We pray that God will give us “Singleness of purpose, strength to lift up a part of the burden of my suffering fellow-men and a true realizations of the privilege that is mine”. Mother Theresa.

Blessings, Kellie

O’Brien School for the Maasai

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