Feeding the starving in the United States, Feeding America and their many partners and friends.

The final leg of the Feeding America and partners marathon feeding, thes people joined together to distribute 3 billion pounds of food, feeding 37,000,000 million Americans. We have studied two of the super providers, but there is more after this. United Way, UNICEF, and some interviews with some evangelist to hear how they build missionaries and why, first the remaining foodbanks in the Feeding America effort.

http://www.eriefoodbank.org/ Second Harvest sets a record of nearly 1 million pounds of food distributed in November. Total poundage for year reaches 9,379,369, a 32 percent increase in two years.
http://www.centralpafoodbank.org/ during the past year, the Food Bank distributed more than 22 million pounds of food. That is the equivalent of 2.5 tractor-trailer loads of food distributed every day of the year!
http://www.channelsfoodrescue.com/ serving 100,000 persons annually. In addition, Channels’ Kitchen School supplies meals to 600 children daily in 15 sites of our Kids Cafes.
http://www.philabundance.org/ Philabundance provides food to approximately 72,000 people per week through our network of nearly 500 member agencies including food cupboards, shelters, emergency kitchen, and more.
http://www.berksfoodbank.org/ more than 1,300,000 meals annually at soup kitchens and shelters and an average of 23,000 individuals receive food monthly
http://www.foodwarehouse.org/ 1.2 million lbs distribution in November for a cumulative total of over 23 million lbs. of food.
http://www.ceopeoplehelpingpeople.org/ distributes over 4.8 million pounds of food annually
http://www.rifoodbank.org/ feed more than 66,000 people each month. One in three served is a child under the age of 18.
http://www.lowcountryfoodbank.org/hope annually distributes 19 million pounds of food to a network of more than 350 faith-based and nonprofit food programs in coastal South Carolina.
http://www.harvesthope.org/ distributed over 28 million pounds of food last year and fed approximately 38,000 people a week.
http://www.feedingsouthdakota.org/ distributed 12.5 million pounds of food
http://www.chattfoodbank.org/ distributes over 11,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://www.netfoodbank.org/ distributes over 7,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://secondharvestetn.org/ Second Harvest is a United Way Partner. We receive designations and grant funding from the United Way that averages 3% our annual budget. Many of our own agencies (that receive food from us) are also United Way Partners.
http://www.midsouthfoodbank.org/ Mid-South Food Bank serves 227 agencies with 332 charitable feeding programs in 31 counties in west Tennessee
http://secondharvestmidtn.org/ distributed 23,955,957 pounds of food to over 400 Partner Agencies providing close to 20 million meals of food
http://www.fbwct.org/ for every ten dollars donated, we provide enough food for 45 meals. in 2012 we distributed 3 million pounds of emergency food
http://www.hpfb.org/ The Food Bank distributes over 650,000 pounds of food each month
http://www.austinfoodbank.org/ In Fiscal Year 2011-12, CAFB provided more than 22 million pounds of food
http://www.mountaineerfoodbank.org/ distributes more than 10,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://southtexasfoodbank.org/ distributes more than 9,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://www.spfb.org/ distributes over 7,000,000, pounds of food annually
http://www.wtxfoodbank.org distributes 10,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://www.foodbankrgv.com/ In 2011, over 1 million individuals were fed through our various programs, for a total amount of 31 million pounds of non-perishable, frozen and fresh food distributed through over 200 agencies (churches, shelters, etc.).
http://www.safoodbank.org/ provided more than 48 million pounds of food.
http://www.easttexasfoodbank.org/ In 2012, over 16 million pounds of food was distributed to hungry East Texans equaling 14 million meals.
http://www.victoriafoodbank.org/ distributes over 3,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://wfafb.org/ In 2010 nearly 3.4 million pounds of food were distribute to assist more than 135 nonprofit partners agencies
https://www.utahfoodbank.org/ Last year, the Grocery Rescue program collected nearly 12 million pounds of food through over 200 stores and 18 participating agencies
http://fredfood.org/ For every $25 donation, we can provide enough food for 75 meals for children and families in need.
http://www.hrfoodbank.org/ distributed 8.2 million pounds of food in 2012
http://www.foodbankonline.org/ Since its inception, the Food bank has distributed over 214 million meals through Partner Agencies and Programs
http://www.feedmore.org/ Distribution Center provided food for 15 million meals last year
http://www.faswva.org/ Last year volunteers donated more than 18,000 hours at the Feeding America Southwest Virginia
http://www.brafb.org/ We are an emergency food assistance agency that serves more than 120,000 people each month that is a record in the Food Bank’s history. Last year, we distributed more than 17 million meals to hungry families across the Blue Ridge.
Feeding America’s network feeds over 37 million Americans every year. Sign up. Stay informed. Make a difference. http://feedingamerica.org/foodbank-results.aspx

That is the super effort spent to feed the starving in the United States by Feeding America. The size of this list is the smallest thing about them as they distribute meals to 37 million people a year with 3 billion pounds of food. This organization keeps a non-secular posture so everyone will fill welcome.
We saw the starving, almost half under-employed and in some regions averaging one third of what income is above the line of poverty. Single mothers and their children suffer the most frequently, but retired people and unemployed adults, half of them have been unemployed for over two years. I am some of the last baby boomers and the job market is forgetful of my generation, many professionals are assistants and uneducated folks are unemployable. Employment is to pay our bills and save for a rainy day, not go serve fast-food and stop by the food bank on your way home. Fortunately, a few fed many.
I would like to review UNICEF next; its efforts and character are very different from Feed My Starving Children and Feeding America and should be a stark contrast. Evangelist have built many missionaries, I am going there as well.

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Writing a non- fiction study How do we feed the world's starving. Published The end of Humanity and have four books to publish.
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