Who is needing food in the U.S.

+ food pantries, soup kitchens, residential and after-school programs.
Up to this point, we have seen shadows of the needy. We know that over half of the people assisted at the food banks have a job. We know that up to forty percent are on fixed income, mainly Social Security. Religion does not hamper these folks from paying their bills with the income available, and the food banks are non-denominational to insure fair, even-handed treatment. In some countries religion could be an instigator, but not in the United States. Economic hardship is common in the United States and that would hold down wages. There are some intangibles here and some tangibles.
2011 U. S. Poverty statistics include 46.2 million People (15.0 percent) in poverty.
Suffering the brunt is families with children (20.6 percent), especially households with children headed by single women (36.8 percent) or single men (24.9 percent), Black non-Hispanic households (25.1 percent) and Hispanic households (26.2 percent).
In 2011, 4.8 million seniors (over age 60), or 8.4% of all seniors were challenged to feed themselves on their retirement stipends. The threat of “going hungry” or starving exists in every county in America, ranging from a low of 2.4 percent to 35.2 percent.
Citing the 2010 Census, many people believe because 96% of parents classified as poor said their children were never hungry that many middle-class and upper-middle-class kids are eating lunch at taxpayer expense. I think most folks are capable of understanding the shame of starving. For parents who work doing the best they can, accepting tough time’s means doing without is a socially acceptable path for the starving, and what kid wants to admit he does not have it as good as his classmates and peers. This is a demonstration of humanities nasty habit of saying what fits their needs, blindly espousing their incredible insight. The infinite conflict of Good versus Evil, right or wrong, selfish versus compassion, whatever the struggle, good versus evil is the base. As much as it shames me to admit, some people are so selfish they do not care. Fortunately, since the beginning of humanity a few have fed many. That is a shadowy glimpse of America’s starving, now back to those feeding them.
http://eifoodbank.org/ The Food bank accepts donated and discounted food from a variety of sources and distributes it to 220 emergency food programs
http://www.hhfoodbank.org/ Hoosier Hills Food Bank provides over three million pounds of food annually to nearly 100 other non-profits serving an estimated 7,500 people each week and 25,800 individuals annually.
http://www.tristatefoodbank.org/ Today we disburse over 7 million pounds of food each year to over 250 feeding programs in 33 counties.
http://www.chfb.org/ Distributing eleven million pounds of food annually.
http://www.foodbanknwi.org/ acquires stores and distributes over 4.9 million pounds of food throughout Lake and Porter Counties.

http://www.gleaners.org/ began in a three-and-a-half-car garage in 1980, but today distributes over twenty million pounds of food.
http://www.food-finders.org/ Food Finders Food Bank distributes more than 6 million pounds of food annually to a network of non-profit organizations that work to alleviate hunger
http://www.curehunger.org/ Celebrating 30 yrs of service.
http://www.feedindiana.org/ Distributed Six million pounds of food in 2012.
http://www.archindy.org/cc/terrehaute/programs-foodbank.html The Terre Haute Catholic Charities Food bank distributes the equivalent of nearly two million meals each year to approximately 75 other charitable agencies.
http://www.kansasfoodbank.org/ serving over 500 hunger-relief partners in 85 counties, with over 11.5 million lbs. of food distributed in the past year.
http://www.feedingamericaky.org/ 150 meals in twenty-seven years.
http://www.godspantry.org/ Feeding the needy.
http://daretocare.org/ Distributed fifteen million pounds of food in 2012
http://www.fbcenla.org/site/ serve more than 22,400 people every month.
http://www.brfoodbank.org/ distributed more than 11 million pounds of food in 2010
http://www.fbnela.org/ We distribute over 3,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://no-hunger.org/ 262,800 people, including 82,000 children and 40,000 seniors, receive emergency food assistance each year through Second Harvest Food Bank and its 235 faith-based and nonprofit member agencies.
http://www.foodbanknla.org/ Distributed 6,900,000 pounds of food last year.
http://www.gbfb.org/ Distributed over 35,000,000 of food last year
http://www.foodbankwma.org/ distributes more than six million pounds of food
http://www.foodbank.org/ We service the Hunger-Free Network of 145 partner agencies in the 60 towns across Worcester County to bring relief to 100,796 people in need.
http://www.mdfoodbank.org/site/c.mgLPIYOzGlF/b.5551677/k.BF32/Home.htm distributed more than 26.5 million pounds of food through a network of 600 soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters
http://www.foodbankwma.org/ working with our community to reduce hunger and increase food security.
http://www.foodbank.org/ The Worcester County Food Bank collects, inspects, and stores donated food and grocery product and distributes it through a network of 145 partner agencies to help feed hungry people living in 60 cities and towns in Central Massachusetts.
http://www.gsfb.org/ Distributes 13,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://www.foodgatherers.org/ distributes over five million pounds of food annually
http://www.foodbankofscm.org/ The Food Bank of South Central Michigan manages several activities, all geared towards its mission of getting food to households in need.
http://www.feedingamericawestmichigan.org/ Distributing over 22,000,000 pounds of food annually
http://www.gcfb.org/site/PageServer 43,939,306 pounds of food distributed annually
http://www.fbem.org/ Today the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan provides over 21 million pounds of food each year to those in need through more than 415 partner agencies.

http://www.forgottenharvest.org/ Forgotten Harvest rescued, harvested, and distributed nearly 44 million lbs of great food in 2012 and now America’s #1 Food Rescue Relief organization.
http://northcountryfoodbank.org/index.htm distributes over 4 million pounds of food products to more than 244 hunger relief agencies in northwest Minnesota and part of Grand Forks, North Dakota, on an annual basis.
http://www.northernlakesfoodbank.org/ 4,336,750 pounds of food annually
http://secondharvestncfb.com/ Each year 28,700 people in this area seek emergency food assistance from Second Harvest or our 145 partner agencies. Each week we help an estimated 3,500 people
http://www.channel-one.org/ distributes 7,453,462 pounds of food annually
http://www.2harvest.org/site/PageServer?pagename=homepage collected, warehoused and distributed more than 76 million pounds of food in 2012!

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