How do we feed the world’s starving-Feeding the starving in the United States

Many holy men lived their entire lives, and sometimes lost them to copy the scriptures and the Gospels of Jesus’ disciples. Their sacrifices reinforced the faith and provided the bible. Yes, there was corruption and evil, holy wars where both sides were wrong but the faith if not the church did battle evil. The holy ones in the trenches suffering to help their fellow man with love and compassion wrestled evil hand to hand. Each missionary is the worker that paints the art giving it beauty, the beauty of the love in his or her heart.

The confederation of missionaries we read about up to this point all share the same effective, efficient food system and donors. They are independent organizations that benefit from Feed My Starving Children and its juggernaut operation. Can you imagine needing to feed the starving and you hear Feed My Starving Children are in town, juggernaut. Please visit their web site, I was blown away at what they do.

Now I look to organizations feeding the starving in the United States. Who is starving in the country and who is feeding them, these questions will provide some illumination on how we feed the starving?  Clients of Feeding America member food banks and their partner agencies are often unable to access or afford the variety and quantity of foods needed for a healthful diet. The Feeding America network of more than 200 member food banks has created a strong foundation geared towards getting wholesome staples to the 37 million people we serve each year. Through the assistance of local and national food assistance programs, Feeding America is able to provide nutritious, fresh foods to Americans struggling with hunger; safe and nurturing places for children to have a meal; emergency assistance for disaster victims; as well as a chance at self-sufficiency for adults trying to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

With a network of 200 member food banks across the country, Feeding America supplies more the 3 billion pounds of food and grocery products annually.   Food Bank of Alaska believes that no one deserves to be hungry. Since 1979, we have been securing donated food for nonprofit agencies to distribute to hungry Alaskans.   The primary purpose of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank Service, Inc. is to provide food for hungry people and to distribute surplus food that would ordinarily be discarded. All locally collected food is distributed without charge. In 2012, the Food Bank served almost 20,000 meals (an average of 1,600 meals per month) through the on-site Fireweed Diner, and processed over a million pounds of food. Direct Service clients, those adults and children receiving federal commodities and/or emergency food boxes, numbered 7,306 families in 2012, with an average of 609 families per month.   On a typical Saturday, we hand out food to anywhere from 10 to 40 people, and we give out anywhere from 500 to 2200 pounds of food, depending upon how much food we have to hand out, and the demand for these items. As a Christian social service organization in Alaska, the purpose of Kodiak Baptist Mission is to improve the quality of life of children and their families by ministering to their unmet physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs, by following the example set forth in the life of Jesus Christ.  The mission of the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama is to serve people in need by securing and storing surplus food and household items and distributing it through local partnering service agencies.  Back in 1984, a group of committed individuals started the Food Bank of North Alabama with one VISTA volunteer and a desk at the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center. Today we provide food assistance to over 100,000 people in North Alabama through a network of over 200 agencies.  Since 1986, The Montgomery Area Food Bank fights hunger and poverty in South Central Alabama by distributing food and other donated products to over 800 non-profit member agencies serving 35 counties. Through this food network, our partnering charity organizations provide free food to low income residents by distributing bags of groceries or on-site feeding (soup kitchen) programs. Charity Navigator names Bay Area Food Bank one of the nation’s “10 Top-Notch Charities” and #1 charity in Alabama.!Home/mainPage Browse this month’s newsletter, or see what’s on the calendar at the food bank.  The NWA Food Bank has an annual service count of over 450,000 people, and there is always something happening from food drives to special events.                       we were distributing 4 million pounds feeding on average 30,000 people a month through our member agencies. The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas works to eliminate hunger by distributing food to people in need through a network of non-profit agencies and programs. Arkansas Food bank is a cornerstone of hunger relief that acquires and distributes, through local and national partnerships, large quantities of food and other resources to hungry people. Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank’s mission is to alleviate hunger in southwest Arkansas and northeast Texas through food distribution and education.  Through our network of over 100 agencies in 10 counties, the food bank provides food resources to the hungry in our region. This new web site serves to educate about the continuing need, motivate visitors to help, and offer help to those in need.  providing more than 45,200 meals to hungry people in Arizona every day. On a daily basis in Arizona, 1 in 4 children, 1 in 5 Arizonans and 1 in 7 seniors face the prospect of going to bed hungry.   “Through education, advocacy, and the acquisition, storage, and distribution of food, we will anticipate and meet the food needs of the hungry in our community.”  May 15, 2013, The Yuma Community Food Bank set a new record by serving 480 separate families in one day 9am to 2pm. The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano works to end hunger and increase access to nutritious food for low-income individuals and families through a comprehensive group of programs that combat hunger and its causes.

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