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Writing a non- fiction study How do we feed the world's starving. Published The end of Humanity and have four books to publish.
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  1. How are we feeding the starving?
    This study required two different subjects that in rare circumstance are one. One is the analysis of the starving, the challenge, and humanity’s effort to feed them. The second is how the work of feeding the poor affects those doing it. A multifarious approach, but I could find no way to separate them because in the end, we are searching for a positive gain and both views are benefits of the effort. It is as if the starving are fed and the rescuers get nourishment for their souls, giving them the energy to make the monumental effort again.
    Writing brings me pleasure, and knowledge by weighing the issues that have plagued me a lifetime, or tell the stories I have always wished to tell. Researching this issue brought me peace from learning the fate of the starving rests in the hands of these organization and their armies of volunteers. Thank you!
    Before we tackle the entrée, we will take a quick look at the rating services. They provide a way to understand who and how and how well contributors are considering.
    Due diligence can begin to be satisfied with a visit to the two large rating services web sites. I believe some in-depth study of internet search engines for swindles or fraud associated with the donor’s perspective charity followed by a through reading of the organizations web site is prudent. With all things we do, our common sense should be able to provide a thumb down or up.
    Charity Navigator ( Charity Navigator is America’s largest rating service by far with over 6 million searches annually. This incredible workload drives them constantly expanding their ability to analyze in depth the fiscal responsibility, and sincere ethical reporting of charities worldwide. Founded by a successful businessman spurred to invention by past charity frauds, Mr. Dugan strove to provide the ability for average citizen donors to rate perspective charities for free. In 2002, Charity Navigator began to provide this internet service and the debate began.
    By typing the charity’s name into the sites search engine, I was in turn provided a very detailed analysis of the charity I am researching. The search engine is in the top portion of the first page and the remainder of the site tells about Charity Navigator and its history and metrics used to create a cohesive rating, assuredly, it is mathematics. The website is full of tips for donors and explanations of challenge of contributing to worthy causes and not becoming bamboozled. The three-page assessment covered every aspect of fiscal health and weighs ethical reporting of costs used by the analyzed charity. Use this one time and you will see what I mean.
    Charity Navigator is a non-profit relying on donors who feel the service is invaluable and available directly by telephone at (201) 818-1288, or by mail at 139 Harristown Road, Suite 201, Glen Rock, N.J., 07452.
    The Charity Rater provides another source for analyzing fiscal health and ethical reporting. The format is a ten-minute survey that relies on an open website. Inquiring donors answer the survey with the charity’s web site for reference and receive an aggregate study.
    GuideStar provides in-depth analysis at a premium $750.00 a year, but the product is sufficient for government grant applications. It also offers a free search using the steps outlined in an email from GuideStar Information GuideStar maintains an online database of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. You can use GuideStar to find the contact information for an organization, if available. To find an organization on GuideStar:
    1. create a free account and sign in at
    2. Enter the name, Employer Identification Number (EIN), or related
    keyword in the search field and click “Start Your Search.” To narrow the
    search, you can click the advanced search link and enter the state code
    where you live.
    3. On the search results page, click on the name of the nonprofit
    you are interested in.
    4. In the organization’s nonprofit report, there will be multiple
    tabs you can click on to find information and Forms 990.
    5. Contact information, if available, can be found on the ‘Summary’

    Let us put some of this technology to work.
    Score (out of 70) Rating
    FYE 02/2012
    Overall 69.08

    Financial 68.71

    Accountability & Transparency 70.00

    Feed My Starving Children
    401 93rd Avenue NW
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433
    tel: (763) 504-2919
    fax: (763) 504-5235
    EIN: 41-1601449

    *Counting volunteer labor as a donation, Feed My Starving Children spends 92% of total donations directly on the feeding and the food to do it.
    The juggernaut food producer
    Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) produces food, formulas, developed by food scientists to reverse and prevent malnutrition Feed My Starving Children. MobilePackTM events allow people across the United States to pack life-giving meals. They have a rice-based meal and potato based meal scientifically produced for maximum nutrition. This charity is an expert on the plight and management of people starving. They provide self-subsistence programs that teach and supply the unique agricultural needs of the starving zone being managed. In 2012, more than 177,000 MobilePack volunteers packed over 41 million meals, with 204 events in over 30+ states.
    Another avenue their product distributes is the six permanent packing stations. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) has six permanent food-packing sites, and a nationwide MobilePackTM program. They also donate food by a food-aid application available on their site.
    Permanent Sites are in Coon Rapids, MN (corporate headquarters), Chanhassen, MN, Aurora, IL Libertyville, IL, Schaumburg, IL, Tempe; AZ. With all eight cylinders roaring, FMSC produced 163 million meals in 2012, of which 99.6% of meals arrived securely.
    The meals are donated to missions and humanitarian organizations in 55+ countries, who distribute the food to those with critical need. On the website I gleamed this “Nutrition is philanthropy’s best investment, yielding $30 for every $1 due to the education and self-reliance made possible by the healthy mental and physical development of children.”
    In short, Feed My Starving Children provide the product, and distribute to charities local to the starving zone. Either at one of the permanent packing stations or at any organization who wish supply 500 volunteers to pack and enough capital to purchase 100,000 meals at 22 cents per meal. The organization uses the 500 volunteers to pack 100,000 meals in one, long day. They have to have enough structure to pack in under cover and a loading dock to receive the semi truck from Feed My Starving Children full of bulk food in boxes ready to pack.

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