How do we feed the world’s starving

Let us put some of this technology to work.

Feed My Starving Children
401 93rd Avenue NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55433


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tel: (763) 504-2919
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EIN: 41-1601449


 *Counting volunteer labor as a donation, Feed My Starving Children spends 92% of total donations directly on the feeding and the food to do it.

The juggernaut food producer

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) produces food, formulas, developed by food scientists to reverse and prevent malnutrition Feed My Starving Children. MobilePackTM events allow people across the United States to pack life-giving meals. They have a rice-based meal and potato based meal scientifically produced for maximum nutrition. This charity is an expert on the plight and management of people starving. They provide self-subsistence programs that teach and supply the unique agricultural needs of the starving zone being managed. In 2012, more than 177,000 MobilePack volunteers packed over 41 million meals, with 204 events in over 30+ states.

Another avenue their product distributes is the six permanent packing stations. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) has six permanent food-packing sites, and a nationwide MobilePackTM program. They also donate food by a food-aid application available on their site.

Permanent Sites are in Coon Rapids, MN (corporate headquarters), Chanhassen, MN, Aurora, IL Libertyville, IL, Schaumburg, IL, Tempe; AZ. With all eight cylinders roaring, FMSC produced 163 million meals in 2012, of which 99.6% of meals arrived securely.

The meals are donated to missions and humanitarian organizations in 55+ countries, who distribute the food to those with critical need. On the website I gleamed this “Nutrition is philanthropy’s best investment, yielding $30 for every $1 due to the education and self-reliance made possible by the healthy mental and physical development of children.”

In short, Feed My Starving Children provide the product, and distribute to charities local to the starving zone. Either at one of the permanent packing stations or at any organization who wish supply 500 volunteers to pack and enough capital to purchase 100,000 meals at 22 cents per meal. The organization uses the 500 volunteers to pack 100,000 meals in one, long day. They have to have enough structure to pack in under cover and a loading dock to receive the semi truck from Feed My Starving Children full of bulk food in boxes ready to pack.


Now we can look at the partners in this syndicate, an army of people feeding the world’s starving.


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PO Box 398
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 4738



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In 1961, Will Bruce from along with nine other missionaries and pastors in Manila decided to form Christ for Greater Manila (CGM).

Doug & Margi Nichols began to direct CGM in1972. Doug began, the outreach expanded to include jail ministry, ministry to street children and prostitutes, church planting among the poor, Gospel ads, evangelism, discipleship, vocational training for street children, literature work, bookstores,  and opening of the Bible League. In 1974 in Chicago, Action International Ministries first started to function. In 1975, ACTION incorporated in the state of Washington.

In 2013, this genuine humanitarian effort has over 260 members from eighteen different countries, with ministries in over twenty-five countries, all of them committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ as given in Matthew 28:18-20,

 18Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”



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PO Box 841
Warsaw, IN 46581 



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ACTS Allowing Christ to shine

By providing love and care for the most vulnerable children in Haiti, this charity brings health to mind, body, and spirit. ACTS distributes food to orphans, and families in Haiti with a school lunch program. Due to the dire conditions, this meal is the only meal they get. This program not only feeds the starving, but also creates the opportunity to educate the future leaders of Haiti. Dedicated to help the children in Haiti, ACTS brings the word and love of the Lord by providing shelter, education, food.

Volunteers following the call to serve God find help from Acts in reaching their goal. Acts provides the children of Haiti with the food program, Mission trips, an Orphanage, and love. The divinity house is an ongoing project to provide living space and home for 22 children to help Haiti future generations prosper.

P.O. Box 390, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739, 909.803.5640

Child of Destiny I could not perform ratings at Charity Navigator or Guidestar, but I did locate the principles and their certifications in lieu of ratings. Their story

“My name is Dr. AlyceJo Mwangi. Having been an orphan myself, I know how it feels to be hungry and homeless. My heart was so touched when I saw the starving and suffering at its worst in Kenya. Something inside of me said I could help. I asked myself… how? How can I? How can one person help solve such a huge problem…

My husband Dr. Joe Symmon and I were inspired to start Child of Destiny, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, to break the cycle of poverty around the globe. We have helped feed, educate, clothe, and shelter thousands of children and their families throughout the years, and we are only just beginning to make a difference.”  Quoted from Children of Destiny Web site

The HIV/AIDS pandemic impoverishes families and leaves behind a generation of orphans. Eight-hundred people die daily in Kenya. There are over 2 million orphans in Kenya. These orphans are much more than “Children In Need”. They are priceless gifts that we have the privilege of being trusted with caring for, encouraging and loving.

Six years ago, Child of Destiny a US 501 C (3) non-profit, EIN # 20-8851391 based in California commenced Jubilee Children Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Jubilee Children Center is a locally registered faith-community based organization. It caters for almost 200 orphans presently but has a built up facility to accommodate over 800. Licensed and accredited by the Kenya Government, the Jubilee Children Center in Kenya is to operate as a charity providing for AIDS-affected orphans.

Determined to make a difference in the lives of these orphaned children, Child of Destiny helped the suffering children. The orphans roamed the streets and slums of Kenya scavenging for food. They suffered the death of their parents from HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as tribal, and political cleansing.

Besides caring for orphans, they provide counseling and assistance to AIDS infected persons at community level so that their final moments are as comfortable as possible. We visit them at home, where they live in partnership with recognized associations.

They give full services at our own Clinic whose construction is ongoing. We shall test, educate, share information, and provide retroviral drugs. The clinic will also provide outpatient services and comprise a maternity wing on the upper level of the facility.

They do not discriminate against race, gender, religion or any groups or people.

VISION: Igniting hope and unstoppable brilliance and affecting hope to women and children traumatized by severe and acute life challenges. Their Mission is to motivate others to make a difference. Everyone has the power to give to their communities and the world.

On a 20-acre plot of land, they drilled a 300ft well to provide clean drinking water for the orphanage and the surrounding communities of 70,000; built two dormitories for boys and girls to house over 400 kids; completed a 10-classroom primary school and administration center and a library. Today over 150 orphans have a place to live, clothed, eating healthy diet, learning quality education in a friendly and conducive environment. Having a second chance in life, they now face the future with confidence and determination.

1. We begin helping (Ruai) with population of 70,000, by providing clean drinking water to the community from 300 ft deep well. We have opened our schools to the community and their kids are now attending. With the clinic, the community will take full advantage of our health services. We also carry out drip-irrigation on our 20-acre farm and supply food to the community. We have brought much needed services to close proximity of the community practically saving time and traveling expenses to Nairobi downtown, which is 20 miles away. Virtually eliminating unreliable public means. This has a major impact on 70,000 people in Ruai.


2.  Jubilee Children Center (JCC) is located in Nairobi City suburb known as Ruai. It is approximately 20 miles east of downtown Nairobi the capital city of Kenya with a population of 5 million people. It is managed by a full-time staff of thirty led by Joe Symmon and AlyceJo Mwangi. Full operations commenced in 2003. Initially we raised $130,000 for building boys and girl’s dormitories, matron’s house, a storage barn, guesthouse and drilling a well.


For about four years, we raised over $ 607,151 to build a primary school, administration center and three restroom facilities. Construction for high school, dinning hall that comprises kitchen and laundry, a clinic and a guesthouse are underway. The estimated cost is $1.25 million. We shall be able to cater for approximately 1,000 children after completion. Children of Africa are much more than “children in need”, but are priceless gifts we are trusted to care for, encourage, and love. This is the work we must do.

One changed child changes their family: changed families breathe life into their churches; vibrant churches influence their communities; and enough changed communities change a nation. That is what each one of us is uniquely called and equipped to do.

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Sharyl J Sieh
Wheaton, IL 60187 

EIN: 42-1679613




 ACTS ministry being involved in feeding some of the destitute in the world merits a special place on the list of organizations feeding the starving. These missionaries find the people in the direst need to provide ACTS Feeding programs and orphanage, formal Education – preschool through secondary. Vocational training, literacy and publishing coupled with Human rights for women is a way they lift people from poverty and creating a sustainable environment. Very often, when locating the starving, it is orphans, or widows struggling with feeding her children, and especially themselves.

Airline Ambassadors International

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Airline Ambassadors International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It has expanded into a network of students, medical professionals, families, and retirees who volunteer. It provides a way for members to facilitate med flights, provide escorts for minor children travelling abroad for much needed medical procedures, relief and development, help in shipping much needed supplies worldwide. If you are in need, do not be surprised if these ambassadors come to your aid.

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